After struggling to come up with an idea for my minor project, I am actually quite happy with the route i took and where it ended up. It was an interesting subject matter and I’m glad i picked such a current subject as research wise there was so much material to look through and learn about. I did struggle in a sense to create work of my own because the wonder of the selfie as it’s a form of self portrait which any one can do and does not take any artistic integrity. I looked at making some interest selfies such as playing with filters and cutting up the images and although I was happy with the results I feel like the real pice of work I created was my website: www.dailyselfie.me. It is my own personal project and I already feel attached to it and am now thinking about ways of getting the word out about my website such as blogging about it and sharing it on social media websites. If i was to carry on this project I would probably move forward in to a slightly different tangent of self portrait work as I feel  happy with the research I did on selfie and feel there isn’t much more research wise to do.

Final Piece

As the form of the social media goes hand and hand with social media I decided the best way for a final piece was something in the digital realm. Instead of having a final image I brought a URL and asked my boyfriend to code me a website in which i could place selfies of myself on to. I used to be part of a website named dailybooth which was a similar concept but made for sharing. My website simply is one photo a day and after that the photo is gone. I liked the idea of this more as I wasn’t putting it on a social media website meaning it didn’t come with a option of comments on likes, its just there. 

my website is www.dailyselfie.me

It also is quite personal to me which is appealing and at the moment I haven’t shared it to the public, i would probably do this by blogging about it or sharing my link over twitter.

Moving Forward

I decided to go off on a slight tangent and create some self portrait based work incase I decide to progress with my project. I looked at the work by Chino Otsuka who created self portraits by mirroring photos of her childhood and photoshopping her from the present. I thought the results looked interesting and it made me as an audience reflect on how quick life is, it inspired me to create some of my own

I looked through my albums of photos I had on my laptop and I had many of the mirror photos laying about that i had completely just even disregarded as photos. They are so cliche these days that they don’t even register in my mind as photographic self portraits.

Vivian Maier

Although the term selfie has only just really made it’s way in to the light the concept itself is very, very old. The difference now, of course, is that anyone who has a smartphone—or, for that matter, anyone who has a camera and access to an obliging mirror—can take a self-portrait. And incremental advances in photographic technologies—the front-facing camera that came with the launch of the iPhone 4, mobile-photo-sharing apps like Instagram—helped the selfie to gain new traction in the public imagination. In the work of past self photographers i’ve seen its not uncommon for them to photograph themselves with their kit such as Vivian Maier and Ansel Adams. There has been a shift in society now and the access to sharing photographs in instant where as before it is possible the photographers liked to show self portraits with their camera’s as a way of power and class.

The “selfie” before the digital world